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Premix gas burner range



Infraglo use the latest technology to ensure optimum pre mix performance. Small but highly efficient fans are used to draw air through a venturi. A needle valve allows gas to be drawn into this airstream at a pre determined rate to ensure highly accurate gas air ratio. When combusted this pre mixed fuel can transfer all of its energy to the substrate being heated, rather than it being diluted by excess air.

Accurate control of the fan ensures this ratio is maintained throughout the turndown range of the burner and the fan speed can be controlled by a manual speed knob so the operative can "fine tune" the output of the burner to the required production speed. In critical applications control can be further enhanced by the use of a plc to regulate fan speed and a signal can be provided by an infra red sensor or other similar device.

 Benefits of Premix Burners


  • High turndown ratio: up to 10:1
  • Efficient combustion
  • Low CO and NOx
  • Low noise generation
  • Uniform surface temperature
  • Low running cost
  • Low capital cost



 premix burner



The premix system can be adapted and used in conjunction with our vitreoused range of burners. These burners can also be fabricated from stainless steel if required, making them suitable for all food production industries. 

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