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Griddle Burner Development.


Infraglo were asked to evaluate the possibility of improving the efficiency of a gas fired commercial griddle in a cost effective manner.

The appliance was originally fitted with three cast iron atmospheric ribbon burners situated below a cast iron griddle plate.

In order to evaluate the relative efficiencies, measurements were taken of the surface temperature of the griddle plate when heated with the existing burners, then the Infraglo radiant burners.

In order for the griddle plate to reach equilibrium the ribbon burners were fired for 50 minutes and the heat input was measured at 14.96kW Nett. The ribbon burners were then replaced with three of Infraglo's ceramic radiant burners and they were fired until the grill plate reached similar average temperatures.

The heat input from the radiant burners was 9.51kW Nett compared to the ribbon burners input of 14.96kW Nett, a reduction in heat input of 5.45kW or 36.4%.

Conversely, we showed the customer that he needed 57% more gas when using conventional ribbon burners than with the Infraglo infra red radiant burners.

In each test gas analysis showed that the appliance passed all current combustion tests to meet CE approval.



griddle burner diagram showing gas efficiency

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